Here is the Fgame, to understand now your friends think.

Fgame rules.

You can play in pair,
or three players,
or four togeather.
You can even play with youself.

Every player has it’s own color – to follow the gameplay afterwards.

First Player (Initiator) sets the game Topic, Number of players and the Game Mode (public or private game).

First Player goes first. He puts his move in the central upper circle. Every move is numbered to trace the game afterwards.

After the first move allowed field for the next move become colored. Next player write his word (or words) in any of allowed fields. In opinion of the Active Player, his word is related in meaning with words in surrounded fields. Say, he suggests his move. If all the gameplayers agreed, the field color become white.

If even one player rejects the suggested word (no reason needed), then the word dissappeared and the Active Player needs to make his next proposal.

The number of moves in the game is 19.

Usually the game lasts from 20 to 40 minutes.